Papers tagged as biometrics
  1. BehavioCog: An Observation Resistant Authentication Scheme 2017 Authentication biometrics FinancialCryptography
    Jagmohan Chauhan, Benjamin Zi Hao Zhao, Hassan Jameel Asghar, Jonathan Chan, and Mohamed Ali Kaafar

    We propose that by integrating behavioural biometric gestures—such as drawing figures on a touch screen—with challenge-response based cognitive authentication schemes, we can benefit from the properties of both. On the one hand, we can improve the usability of existing cognitive schemes by significantly reducing the number of challenge-response rounds by (partially) relying on the hardness of mimicking carefully de-signed behavioural biometric gestures. On the other hand, the observation resistant property of cognitive schemes provides an extra layer of protection for behavioural biometrics; an attacker is unsure if a failed impersonation is due to a biometric failure or a wrong response to the challenge. We design and develop a prototype of such a “hybrid” scheme,named BehavioCog. To provide security close to a 4-digit PIN—one in 10,000 chance to impersonate—we only need two challenge-response rounds, which can be completed in less than 38 seconds on average (as estimated in our user study), with the advantage that unlike PINs or passwords, the scheme is secure under observation.