1. Better Than Advertised: Improved Collision-Resistance Guarantees for MD-Based Hash Functions 2017 CCS Hashing
    Mihir Bellare, Joseph Jaeger, and Julia Len
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The MD transform that underlies the MD and SHA families iterates a compression function h to get a hash function H. The question we ask is, what property X of h guarantees collision resistance (CR) of H? The classical answer is that X itself be CR. We show that weaker conditions X, in particular forms of what we call constrained-CR, suffice. This reduces demands on compression functions, to the benefit of security, and also, forensically, explains why collision-finding attacks on compression functions have not, historically, lead to immediate breaks of the corresponding hash functions. We obtain our results via a definitional framework called RS security, and a parameterized treatment of MD, that also serve to unify prior work and variants of the transform.